Hi, My name is Frosty

                When I met Kallista:

Our Story:   CUMMING SOON!

While I promised humor, I find it best comes from facts!  Ask Stephen Colbert.

Yesterday I asked Kallista to proof this page. She came in and said "it's spelled COMING!" I said "Not the way I was thinking of it!"      

WOW, the response to this has been unreal! 

Here goes to answer the most asked questions! Is my page for real? That is easy,Yes! 

What you can expect:

Kallista described our relationship as SOUL MATES and I agree 100%. However I would like to add a few more adjectives. She's my best friend, lover, cheerleader and provides unconditional love.

Kallista started her writing career in high school, with articles published in The Chicago Tribune and National magazines.

Kallista has an extremely knowledgeable  grasp of the English language. She possesses the ability to find perfect words and place them in just the right order to have the reader feel they are smack dab in the middle of the story, feeling as if they are a part of it.

This page has two goals;
First, to give a behind the scenes look into the mind of a very sexy lady.
Second, everyone says 99% of romance readers are female. I don't believe that. I believe there are many guys who read romance novels. 

I hope to reach those readers. Guys if you have a story to tell email me. Sign up for Kallista's FREE BOOK and NEWSLETTER.
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