Hi my name is Frosty, for real!

Kallista Dane has brought me in to be her voice of communications and advertising.

I'm also her husband.
While Kallista  wants to contact each and every one of you personally' she now realizes this is not possible. Thus she asked for me to help.

Here is my first action: To the person that wrote this review.  Email me at [email protected] and recieve your FREE book for life! I hope you will leave an HONEST review of each! 

Also Kallista is looking for 30 readers to have a Free preview of every book to recieve an advanced copy with the commitment to leave your (honest) review.  


Please stop, don't , stop, - - -      don't stop!
PLEASE DON'T STOP! Ever been here? Kallista Dane has! 

         It will be my hope to give you insight into Kallista Dane.

               Girls, want to find the recipe for COWBOY coffee and how I keep Kallista motivated to write?       STAY TUNED! 
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